The Information regarding when is breast cancer awareness month celebrated

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When is breast cancer awareness month. There are several types of diseases that are pretty dangerous for us human and one of them is breast cancer. This cancer is pretty dangerous because it targeted more on women even though on rare occasion it can also happen to man as well. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to make people aware of this diseases. With this in mind, many people are asking when breast cancer awareness month is, and to answer your question here we are giving you some information regarding the month and why it is celebrated. (more…)

Breast Cancer Scrub Tops Fashion for Better Awareness Appeal

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Breast Cancer Scrub TopsIf you are looking for a stylish scrub tops that can also become a great object of interest then breast cancer scrub tops fashion is something that you will need in your fashion arsenal. There are several features that this scrub tops has to offer. And some of these features are really good and give us many kinds of benefits that usual scrub tops cannot offer. If you are interested in some of the features of this scrub tops then, here are some of them explained in a more detailed way. (more…)

10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Must not Ignore!

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10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Must not Ignonre! — Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. It occurs in the cells of the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina.

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 12,900 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed and about 4,100 women will die from this disease in 2015. These estimations are shocking but true.

Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). Women of all ages are at risk of developing this cancer after they begin having sexual intercourse.

cervical cancer

Risk factors include unsafe sex, multiple sex partners, being overweight, use of oral contraceptives, genetics, smoking, poor immunity, multiple pregnancies and first pregnancy at a young age. (more…)

Breast Cancer Hyperdunks as Rare Fashion Item

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Breast Cancer Hyperdunks. Nike created breast cancer hyperdunks as an item for any people that care about breast cancer patient. It’s really important for them to have it so, they can get more things from it. It’s recognized as fashion item but, it’s more than just a fashion item since, there are many things that you can know from it. In this case, it’s really important for you to know more about it. We are going to explain several things that you should know about the item so, you can get more important things for you as a way to learn more about the shoes.

breast cancer hyperdunks

Breast cancer hyperdunks from other aspect

Since we’ve explained before, breast cancer hyperdunks is a special item made by Nike to show their awareness about breast cancer. As we know, it’s a dangerous disease that is even considered as a part of serious disease group. Since, it’s really dangerous, people need to know about its dangerous because, and people may get dangerous effect if they don’t know about this problem. Therefore, it’s really important to find out more about this shoes.

Breast cancer hyperdunks is colored with pink color and it’s really special. Since it’s really special then many people may realize that this shoes is really popular among many people. Due to its color, you may choose it as one of your shoes collection that you can collect. However, don’t ever think it as just collection item because, there are many great things that you can do then more just a collect item. In this case, it’s really important for you to show your awareness toward breast cancer problem by having it. Therefore, people can realize that it’s more than just an issue and you need to know more about things that you should do toward the problem.

Since, there are many things that you already know then it’s your choice to find out more about the problem. By having the shoes then it becomes a great thing for you to choose it and you can get many great things for yourself. In this case, there will be lot of things that you can get so, you can find out that breast cancer is such as serious disease that you need to remove of. If not then try to start it from yourself so, you are able to find out more about this disease and there will be lot of great things that you can get for yourself from breast cancer hyperdunks.


Several Methods in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

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Making Strides Against Breast CancerCancer can be considered as one of the most deadly diseases in this world. There are many reasons that make it true, from the cure that are still not known to the effect that are devastating to the victim. One of the cancer diseases that are possibly one of the most dangerous is breast cancer diseases. This diseases usually happen to women but it also possible to infect man which makes it pretty dangerous. Due to the danger of this diseases it is important for us on making strides against breast cancer. (more…)

Breast Cancer Awareness Sweatbands Design

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Breast cancer awareness sweatbands. Breast cancer has been known as one of the most dangerous diseases which can attack people without precaution. Which is why we need to be careful around it in a very good way. However, not every people know about the danger of breast cancer itself which is why the reason of raising awareness using the breast cancer awareness sweatbands which not only raise awareness about the danger of breast cancer but also improve people appeal using this accessories as well. (more…)

Breast Cancer Stage 3: Phase of cancer, causes, symptoms and Treatment

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Breast cancer stage 3 is a continuation of breast cancer stage 1 and breast cancer stage 2. Breast cancer stage 3 is the phase in which the cancer cells in the body the more ferocious and terrifying. At this stage, the stage of the cancer cells had already evolved to other body parts around the breast. Breast cancer stage 3, is a phase where cancer will be more difficult to treat and also recovered the opportunity is very small.

When breast cancer has reached stage 3 was not immediately healed, then it will be more cancer cells grew, expanded and will become more violent. (more…)

Inspirational Quotes for Breast Cancer Survivors

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Inspirational Quotes for Breast Cancer SurvivorsThere are many ways to make people aware of the deadly diseases such as breast cancer. One of them is to give them some inspirational quotes for breast cancer survivors. Yes, a words and quotes from people who have battling for their life against the deadly diseases of breast cancer may make people to be more aware of this diseases. Additionally, it can also become an empowerment for some women out there that are having trouble against breast cancer. In this article we will give you some examples of inspirational quotes from people who survive against this diseases. (more…)

Breast Cancer Stage 2: Characteristics, causes, and prevention of medical treatment.

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Breast cancer Stage 2 — Staging breast cancer is divided into four levels, namely breast cancer stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4. In previous articles we’ve been dealing with breast cancer stage 1. So this time we will discuss about the two-stage breast cancer.

Breast cancer condition stage 2

On breast cancer stage 2, cancer cells already growing and increasingly growing into a big one. At this stage of this second stage must be immediately treated. If at this stage of the stadium two not immediately treated, cancer cells then this will increasingly develop into a cancer stage 3. The possibility of recovering breast cancer at stage 2 of about 30% to 40%. To be able to treat cancer stage 2, then we must recognize in advance the characteristics of breast cancer stage 2. (more…)

Breast Cancer Research Donation

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Breast Cancer Research DonationGLOBOCAN data 2012 showed that the pattern of the striking increase in the case of breast cancer around the world. The study recommends breast cancer to become top priority in doing promotion, prevention and control measures the number of pain and mortality of breast cancer worldwide, according to the health research data base by 2013, in the American breast cancer tops the list of most after uterine cancer and unfortunately the majority of breast cancer detected in America when it was experiencing an advanced stage so that opportunities to achieve low relief but the odds of breast cancer patients achieve a cure capable of reaching more than 98% if detected early and can be treated medically.

Breast cancer researchers will always need donations from the outside to help them in breast cancer research. However, where is our place to channel donations to these researchers? is there a nonprofit organization that cares about them? how donations to the breast cancer research? not a lot of resources that we were able to get a clear and detailed about how we make a donation to breast cancer researchers. Institutions that shaded the cancer patients more precisely and very easy to get the information.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit institution dedicated to research conduct prevention and cure of breast cancer. They provide essential funding for cancer research throughout the world as a manifestation of the vision and mission for the advancement of research on durability of tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, and metastasis.


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